Raško Radović & Živojin Kuzmanović

Founder and President

Coordinator and Technical director

AGV logo 2018 sivi transparentGUITARISTS ASSOCIATION OF VOJVODINA was founded in 2006. in Novi Sad with the aim of gathering, encouraging and following its members who are interested in and engaged in the art of classical guitar, as a professionals or just enthusiasts, as well as providing support in their efforts to develop and improve all forms of music for guitar primarily, but also for musical art in general. The Guitarists Association of Vojvodina for the past 13 years, at the highest level, organizes large international cultural events such as VOJVODINA GUITAR FEST, International guitar competition „Dr Jovan Jovičić“World Guitar Competition, YOUTH SONGWRITING FESTIVAL, Summer Guitar School and others, through which hundreds of participants took part: pupils, top young competitors, eminent domestic and worldwide performers and lecturers, as well as numerous audiences. AGV has many years of regular cooperation with numerous cultural organizations from the country and the region, which significantly contributes to cultural development through cultural exchanges and regional projects. Also, the Association publishes books, textbooks, manuals, collections of compositions and compact discs that are primarily focused on the classical guitar and beyond.